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Get Paid Apps for Free: Use these Best Google PlayStore Alternatives

Playstore is a huge place where all Android users spend their times for downloading the millions of apps and games from this huge marketplace. No doubt that Google Playstore is the one-stop destination for all Android apps it has millions of apps from different developers, But still, you can’t find a particular app which isn’t available at Google Playstore.

There are some possible reasons that why that app is not available for you, maybe that app is not available in your country, it may be in the beta version (in this case you need to become a beta tester of the app to use it early) or your device is not compatible with this app according to Playstore.

So if such troubles are preventing you to download an android app of your choice which is not available in Playstore then you should use a secondary App marketplace. There are lots of Secondary marketplaces or you can say the best Google Playstore alternatives available that not only have all apps which exist in Playstore but they also provide you some money saving offer and even can give you some paid apps for free.

So here we build a list that includes some of the best Google Playstore alternatives which provide you the freedom to download an app for free or in-purchase.

Best Alternatives to Google Playstore to Get paid Apps for free

So here we’ve listed some best alternatives to Google playstore that is really awesome to use and provide you some different experience and probably you’ll like it much than Playstore  😛

Installing apps from external is blocked by default on every Android device, so first of all you need to do is enable the the option to install apps from external sources which is unknown for Android.

  • Go To Settings >> Security
  • And enable the option “Unknown sources
    Enable unknown sources

One thing keeps in your mind that this list is not followed any particular order means these Playstore alternatives are not best for but may be best for others. So first, read the complete details about them and pick the ones that suit you the best.

1. APKMirror

APKMirrro is popular that uploads latest apk version of every android app which is available on Playstore. In case you’re not able to download that app from Playstore because some reasons then you can use this APK website to download the apk file of the app and install it.

Actually, this website is a marketplace of the APK files of android apps and the files are malware free and safe to use on your device.

APK Mirror

The UI of this marketplace is awesome all the apps are followed the particular arrangement. In the homepage, the apps are arranged chronologically by date, and in the sidebar, you can find the apps by popular over a month, over a week, over a day. So you should try the APK Mirror before downloading any app.

2. Aptoide

When it comes to secondary Marketplace of Android apps Aptoid is making its name on the list. Aptoid is just like as Playstore and its UI is clean, neat and all apps are there for respective categories. The unique thing about the Aptoid, it is an Open source Android app marketplace with over lakhs of apps and billions of downloads. It is very popular app store and used by millions of Android users across the world.


Unlike Google Playstore, it allows you to download the apk file of the Android app to your device and install it manually, same as APKMIrror it is also malware free and their team tested every app before it serves for you.

3. Mobogenie

Mobogenie a one-stop Android app marketplace with over million of Android apps available out there. It provides not only apps but also provide images, videos, etc. Mobogenie for PC is the utility that has multiple features like an app store, PC to smartphone data transfer, backing up your device.


The Mobogenie Algorithm analyze your preferences and make the relevant suggestion of the apps which are recommended for you. The interface of the Mobogenie is good and have a strong user base with millions of active users.

4. F-Droid

F-Droid is another playstore alternative with good UI and well-categorized structure it aims to offer you the FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) android applications. This app store is the collection of great FOSS Android apps and it runs through the donations, so if you find a useful app where you can make a small donation to support that app.


If you’re the developer then you can submit your app to the F-Droid app store for free as it is popular among the Android developers. It doesn’t have any review & rating options. Overall it is good for developers.

5. Amazon AppStore

The most dominant app store after the Google Playstore. Amazon app store is a marketplace where you can get thousands of free and paid apps, and even sometimes you can get paid apps for free.

amazon appstore

The Amazon AppStore rollout a paid app for free every day, so you should start using the Amazon AppStore and get paid apps for free without downloading from the unsafe websites. It not just offers a single app for free but also offers the free bundles of the paid apps so that’s the double benefit.

The user interface of the Amazon Appstore is nice and have a vast collection of thousands of Android apps choose them which suit you best.

6. GetJar

There was a time of Java phone when we were used to downloading the Java application and games, GetJar was the best site. Now Android is coming, GetJar start providing the Android apps, not just Android it also provides the mobile applications for Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Symbian also.


GetJar is the oldest app store even older than the Google Playstore. It has great UI and apps are organized into categories and sub-categories. Its UI makes easier to find and download any app quickly. You can also visit its website to download the app and save them on your PC then transfer to your device later.

7. SlideMe

It is also a nice alternative to Playstore, SlideMe comes pre-installed with many devices (AOSP OEM)


There are both free and paid apps available and organized in the categories. SlideMe serves you the apps according to the region just like the PlayStore.

8.  Opera Mobile Store

Opera the most popular web browser for the mobile phones and we all are aware of the Opera Mini web browser. If you’re regularly using it then you should know that there’s app marketplace of Opera where you can download the latest Android apps both free and premium. Opera has large user base so its app store is also strong and safe to download any app.

Opera mobile store

You can also download any version of any android app so if you find that new version of the app is not stable then you have an option to roll back to install the previous version of the app, that’s why Opera Mobile store is best.

9. Uptodown

With over 2 millions of Malware-free tested apps available and a beautiful UI Uptodown secure its place in the list. It’s a best Playstore Alternative. Uptodown is huge Android application website but it recommends you to download their app for future updates of the installed apps.

uptodown android

The UI of the Uptodown is the beautiful one can easily search, download and install their favorite Android apps within the minutes.

10. AppBrain

If you want to get paid apps for free then AppBrain should be your primary destination to download apps. Appbrain for you the paid apps for free for limited time. In meantime, you can download your favorite paid apps for free.


AppBrain’s website is also a catalog of thousands of Android apps so you can browse their website download your apps and install it later on your device.

AppBrain has familiar UI and you can easily search your app and download it. It also has filter option that helps you to find your app in less time.

Is something missing?

Yes, there are many other Playstore alternatives that help you to get paid apps for free but we focused only on the ones that provide the best user experience and malware tested apps and that compete with Google Playstore.

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