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10 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android that Beautify your Phone!

The lock screen is the very first visual that you see on your phone. The Android Lock Screen has evolved many times and updates. Google always gives us something change in the Lock screen. But have you ever thought that you can do more things with your Lock screen, till now you have only been tried the slide-up, pattern or PIN lock on your phone, but you can do even more than that, how? Here today we brought to you some best Lock Screen apps for android that lets you customize and tweak your regular and boring lock screen into something attractive.

Many OEMs have put their features on the Lock screen (other than Stock Android) but they also just limited to only different animation or a phone lock.

Although, Android phone comes with its default Lock Screen, that lacks in the tweaks, cool animations, and other stuff. So the list of best lock screen apps which we are going to show you will help you make your phone richer in Lock screen customization and features that you’ve never used on your phone.

These apps not for basic things like theme, or wallpaper, but this can do something different from customizing to functionality.

10 Best Lock Screen Apps

So here are the 10 best lock screen apps that let you do something new and different from your phone’s lock screen. One more thing this list is unsorted we’ve just listed those apps which actually works. It’s not a top-10 or biased list.

Here we go…


AcDisplay is one of the popular app on the Play Store for the Android lock screen. This app lets you play with the notification which is displaying the lock screen without even unlocking the phone. However, the android 10 already have the feature in notification like replying to messages without opening the app and other. The display also help you save the battery life your device it sets the work hours and it’s free to download, we don’t know if the developer is doing something more in this project as it was last updated on 2015.

CM Locker

CM Locker is the another app for lock screen that gives you the control on the lock screen. It offers the tons of features and customisations. The best thing about this app is also provide you the free app lock, so you get both the app lock and lock screen app, sounds similar hahaha!

So if someone unlocked your lock screen still he can’t easily get into your apps and data due to app lock. The CM Locker also provide their HD wallpapers, the notification and intruder selfies. The app may contain the advertisement which may annoy you on lock screen, and that’s the reason people gave it the low ratings, despite all this isn’t that bad you should give it a try.


LOKLOK is another hybrid app for lock screen and app lock and it’s different from other lock screen apps. It is a little bit like a game app for Android, when you awake the screen, it will open the camera. There you can a take a picture and draw on it then send it to your friend. When they unlock their phone, they can respond to your image. It’s just like Snapchat. The app is free to download and there’s also some additional in-app purchases like stickers so if you found this app interesting after using it for a while then you may consider for the stickers too.


Floatify, as it name suggests it has something that will help you to customise your andorid lock screen. However this is the best lock screen app and it has some advantages that you can get most out of it. It’s like somewhat a stock lock screen with a background and time, but you can add the other items like weather and notifications. Also, it has the feature of wake up distplay when you pick up your phone. You must try out LokLok if you want to give the modern look to your lock screen. Floatify, isn’t updated since 2017 so we don’t know if whether developer are still working on this.

Solo Locker

Solo Locker is the another lock screen app for Android comes with its own lock feature to unlock the phone. The Solo Locker offfers you the lots of wallpapers from the animals to festival category, you can choose from a wide range. That’s not just Solo Locker offers, you can also choose between the PIN and Pattern lock options to unlock your phone. In Pattern lock you can add you own images on the circles to make it look more cool. Besides this you can also adjust the amount of blur on the background wallpaper that little bit feels like the iOS lock screen.

The app has the lots of ads when there’s no notification appears. So it may annoy you and ruin the beauty of your lock screen.


Semper is also a great replacement for android lock screen. It is the quiz based lock screen app that will show you something different each time when you unlock you phone. It will ask you the quesions on the lock screen and through this, you’ll learn something new. This app is great for those who wants to increase their knowledge without putting an extra effort on Googling and researching.

Semper also lets you set your goals for the question that you answered correctly. It also comes with lots of plugins that you can play with but you need to download them separately from the plugin menu.

KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker

If you love to customize your Android phone then you might be know the apps KWGT the popular widget app for Android that lets you ad the cool widgets on your home screens. The KLCK Kustom Lock Screen developed by the same company. You can make your own custom lock screen via adding the notiifications, different shapes and backrounds. It has bunch of features and uses a simple edtor to build a custom lock screen that replace your ordinary lock screen.

Even you can add the music player on the lock screen that’ll not disappear when you clear the notifications like other music apps notification mini player. So if you want a lock screen of your own desires and ideas, KLCK is the one we would suggest you.

KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker

Gesture Lock Screen

Gesture Lock Screen is the gesture based lock screen app for your phone. As it name sugegsts it uses the gestures to unlock your phone or even do more. You just draw the gesture on the screen and your phone will unlock. Not just gesture, you can also add the fingerprint on your device to unlock your phone. Like LOKLOK it also sends the intruder photo to your email, it captures when someone tries to unlock your phone and that’s the good security concern of this app.

The app also has bunch of features to customise the lock screen, you can set different shapes drawing gesture to unlock your device. So if you want a unique style to unlock your phone without entering the PIN or password, do try this app.

Solo Locker

Solo Locker is the another great Android lock screen app that it completelty DIY. Means you get tons of customisation option to design your own lock screen and add the various elements. You can build your own lock screen with the wallpapers , widgets and types of lock methods. Eventhough you can customize the PIN lock system in your own way. We would recommend you this app if you want to design the lock screen in your own way.

Hi Locker

Hi Locker the last app on the list of best lock screen apps for Android. It allows you to customise your screen by controlling the whole lock screen of your phone. It has the plenty of features like, it comes with the 3 different unlock styles inspired from the Classic, iOS and Lollipop.

Hi Locker can change the background wallpapers frequently when you unlock your phone, you’ll see a new background each time. It gives you the control over the notifications shows on the lock screen, you can allow and disallow what app’s notification to be appear on the lock screen. Also, you can add the text quotes, name or anything on the lock screen.So customise your phone accroding to your style.

Any other you tried?

So these are the 10 best lock screen apps for your Android device that let’s your customise the intial screen of your phone. If you know any other app for the lock screen then let us know in comments we would love to try that also. 🙂

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