DroidCon Berlin May 2010 Highlights

Naturally, I would have loved to take the time to detail and write about every moment that I considered was “a highlight” of the day but then that would seem like a play-by-play narrative. Instead, I’ve chosen to pick out two small events that pretty much summed up what the entire DroidCon Day was all about for me.

1. approachable, personable, passionate people
2. ambitious and talented android developers

approachable, personable, passionate people

Tom Higgens talks to game developer, Mario Hachemer

Tom Higgens talks to game developer, Mario Hachemer

First off was a delightful and equally passionate gentleman by the name of Tom Higgins. Tom, the Product Evangelist for Unity 3D (an emerging, empowering, break-all-molds gaming engine and environment) was kind enough to take some time for a casual interview. The interview took place in the comfort of his hotel room where we brought in a young and talented game developer, Mario Hachemer. Mario, currently living in Frankfurt, was able to be present at the interview via Skype. Oh, the wonders of technology. I found out about the opportunity to interview Tom, just days before the event. During DroidCamp (that took place one day before DroidCon) it had occurred to me to “share” this opportunity with at least one game developer who would have the opportunity to ask Tom questions about Unity 3D themselves. I chose Mario Hachemer because of his current game project on Unity’s engine and felt it might give him valuable insight into further steering his approach to game development.

The interview was just under an hour. The actual video had to be divided into six parts, each approximately under ten minutes. Here’s part one to get you started.

ambitious and talented android developers

We managed to grab one of the android developers that was also there for DroidCamp and get him to tell us a bit about one of the apps he created, just for conferences. The app is called “Schedule Bot” and allows conference goers to carry around the conference schedule on their android phone. Of course, conferences already offer the ability for others to obtain schedules via accessing their website, downloading a .pdf file or other, but Schedule Bot’s friendly interface makes keeping track of sessions, a lot more simpler and most of all, easy to read. Tobias Fiebiger, the apps creator, was gracious enough with his time and we look forward to seeing more of Tobias’ apps in the future. I had wished to interview many more developers but time was really tight and there were so many great sessions to see. You can watch the “quickie” interview below with Tobias.

Like I said, there were so many “highlights” and I would’ve mentioned them all. Maybe I will in future posts, but for now, these two videos pretty much summed up what went on during DroidCon –

– Companies meeting face to face with developers of the future and entering into a supportive and engaging role with their projects, being open to answer all their questions, as best as they could and then offering their time if needed.

– Developers, being able to share, teach and learn from each other’s experience and thus solidifying that which makes the Android Community, special.

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