DroidCamp Berlin May 2010 Highlights

One appstore, two appstore, three appstore, four.
Five appstore, six appstore, seven appstore more.

The first DroidCamp session that everyone attended was the Appstore Competition, moderated and reviewed by Thibaut Roffineau of wipconnector. It was almost like a “Celebrity Roast” but in reverse. A panel of representatives were on stage and were given the chance to present their appstores to the crowd. Thibaut then took the podium and began citing his reviews on each appstore. Based on various factors, each appstore was critiqued, publicly. The audience were given the opportunity to ask questions but the overall feel was that each appstore still had a long way to go, in terms of meeting developer demands and “user” experience. I personally, did not see any of the reviews as negative, but rather, as opportunities where each appstore could work on improvements.

One appstore that I have been waiting to see launch is AndroidPIT’s.
Here’s Fabien Röhlinger of AndroidPIT presenting their appstore:

Blinkendroid . Blinkendroid . Blinkendroid ….

Blinkendroid Crew

Blinkendroid Crew

Truly a fascinating feat when a group of devices all running the Android Operating System perform a light image dance akin to “synchronized swimming”. Okay, maybe there’s a better way to describe Blinkendroid‘s demo, but even better – is to watch it happen on video. I thought it was a really creative and artistic way to use the Android OS – a true visual experience. Just staring down at the device displays and watching patterns of “light images” run across the side by side devices, as if they were one canvas was, for me, spectacular.

… but that was nothing compared to the record breaker success that Blinkendroid managed to do at the C-Base After Party. 38 android devices were pooled together to collaboratively perform in unison. Check out the cool video below that was made by Jo Cognito a.k.a. videoamt. The Blinkendroid crew consists of four guys that go by the known names of: benjamin.r.m.weiss, lischke, das.dimamite and andreas.schildbach. You can follow Blinkendroid on twitter too (@Blinkendroid).

Whrrrrrr…….. Whrrrrrrr………. Android Flies!

Ligi Demo's Mikrokopter with Android

Ligi Demo's Mikrokopter with Android

Another highlight at DroidCamp was when @Mr_Ligi demo’d his mikrokopter being remotely controlled by an android device via bluetooth. Ligi’s presentation was, what most thought, “deep geek”. Indeed, the implementation of the Android OS was not just the key feature that enabled the mikrokopter to fly. A combination of other technologies converging created this stunning result. Here’s a short video of the mikrokopter flying at the front of the room.

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin ….

Kevin McDonagh

Kevin McDonagh gives a Guided Tour of the Android Source Code

Kevin McDonagh of Novoda and one of the key people behind DroidCon London was another highlight at DroidCamp. Not only did he give an interesting Guided Tour of the Android Source Code but Kevin, himself was most interesting to watch. This gentlemen, as animated as he is, can truly capture the attention of a crowd. But don’t take it from me. You can see for yourself in the video below.

I’m really looking forward to the next DroidCamp/DroidCon. Last I heard, London will be hosting their second Android Conference this October. I hope to see you all there!

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