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The decision to attend the light + building 2010 Fair in Frankfurt was an obvious one. The main goal wasn’t just to uncover emerging, new, innovative technologies in LED (light emitting diode) lighting or OLEDs (organic LED) but to see which companies were taking the obvious and merging or converging their technologies with others outside of their circle. Basically, I was looking for companies that hinted at concepts that involved mobile device displays and in particular concepts that started implementing plans for augmented reality apps. Sunday April 11 was the first day and I am happy to announce that my time and effort did not go in vain.

MOOD LIGHT – a concept launch of Traxon Technologies Ltd., a global leader in LED lighting systems with partner e: cue, a leading provider of quality control and automation solutions for the realization of sustainable, dynamic lighting solutions, was our gold mine.

MOOD LIGHT is a concept platform that allows artists to explore the digital medium even further by being given a technology canvas in which to create an “experienced art form”. No longer is art static on walls, but moving in patterns of colour intensity and shape, right before our senses. Artists, digital artists can integrate their work onto an open source art canvas that allows them to take their creativity to a whole other level.

“Digital Art is not just to be collected but experienced.”

Imagine having a display on your wall that transitions into various forms and colours, abstract or real, set to music and from a touch screen panel on the other side of the room, the visual can easily be changed, like switching from different songs on albums on a coverflow – literally.

Francesco Meneghini, famous artist, graphic and motion designer, had his work “We Were Apes” displayed at the MOOD LIGHT exhibit. This special project highlighted the creative possibilities for artists to showcase their work – digitally. You can view Meneghini’s current works on fra-me.

I’ll be covering more on MOOD LIGHT later on this week. For now, you can view the short video I took on light + building’s opening day:

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