Opening Day for the HTC Desire (X06HTC)

While our tech friends in Silicon Valley still float amidst the vast expanse of the 5th dimension (astral plane), our Japanese friends are hustling about, doing video demo’s, writing articles (of the likes I cannot understand) and tweeting about the HTC Desire (XO6HTC). It’s “open day”! (I’m wondering if Google Translate really meant to say “Opening Day” or “Open House Day”). From what I can make out, SoftBank Mobile just celebrated their 30th anniversary and during their “Open Day” announced and showed the new HTC Desire. But don’t quote me on that, find a Japanese person to translate the above links for you. Just saying.

The much awaited HTC Desire is said to already be available March 29th, just one day away, (as this source states) in the U.K. with T-Mobile.

HTC has set up a pre-register site offering a FREE Prize draw for 1 of 10 HTC Desires if they sign up before 31.03.2010.

Let’s not be any more confused … these days, Android phones are launching left right and center and their already first launched versions are coming out with new updated ones. Indeed, HTC’s Desire/Eris was already available last November 2009, states side (528 MHz Qualcomm, 320 x 480 capacitative screen, 512 MB ROM / 288 MB RAM, on CDMA. This new HTC Desire, which was shown last February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, is the newer, sleekier and “more under the hood” version – sporting Google Android 2.1 with an amazingly fast 1.5 MHz Qualcomm processor, 3.7-inch AMOLED touch-sensitive screen with 480 X 800 WVGA resolution and the Sense UI updated with the Friend Stream. Here’s one guy’s take on the new HTC Desire, after he managed to get his hands on it last Friday at a Pub!

And, what Engadget previously reported and showed off, with, as always, fantastic photos, apparently, the HTC Desire does come with a sleek aluminum option. A colour I would much prefer touting when it comes to gadgets, rather than the “I don’t even know what this colour is” Nexus One.

I think what confuses some people (and even me) is that different launch dates for phone one in different parts of the world. Other regions may not see a new Android Phone until 3-6 months. And if that’s not hard to keep up with, often the names may change and even some of the specs. So, when this *same* phone gets launched elsewhere, it almost makes you want to think that they are talking about a competely different and new phone, since their timings are spread apart and often the way the same phone is marketed has a slight twist in features focus.

Currently, there is no definite source telling when the new HTC Desire will come to the States and Canada. It was reported a few weeks ago that Verizon would be selling the HTC Desire but then just a few days ago, that report got stumped by another one confirming that there still is no confirmation.

Here’s a video taken from a demo of the HTC Desire (XO6HTC) in Japan. I’m not sure if this is the same phone that will come out tomorrow in the U.K.

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