Brussels Joins the Android Movement!

Brussels is the next city to join the Android Movement! Hosting their first ever DroidCon (Android Conference) on April 2, 2010 at Living Tomorrow, their aim (like all other DroidCon’s) is to gather enthusiastic android developers, fans and those in niche industries that would like to know more about, and find ways in how to integrate “anything android” into their current business models, road maps, etc ..

If you would like to attend (and I really suggest that you do) DroidCon Belgium, then please register here.

You can also follow them on twitter to get the latest updates.

And while we’re on the topic of up and coming DroidCon’s, don’t forget to register for DroidCon Berlin!
This will be the 2nd DroidCon in Berlin, (The first one and first EVER in the world, took place last November 2009 in Berlin). If you are an android developer and especially if you’re someone who wants to know more about the Android Community and what great developments are taking place, then attending a DroidCon near you is a must. Most of the success that takes place at these events, is not so much the sponsors that back up and believe in the value that these events have, but from the people that attend. People like you, who bring with them, their great ideas and innovative concepts. People that ask questions that stretch the imagination and really, it’s like-minded people that get together, collaborate and share and then that’s when magic starts to happen.

If it weren’t for the interesting people that come together to part-take in events such as DroidCon, then the Android Community and Movement would not be what it is today, an enriched culture of uber geeks that, through their diversity and idea sharing, are able to contribute to an empowered cause, that will change the world, enabling societies to another level of communication.

Take a look at this video on last year’s DroidCon in Berlin.

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