Way to go, GO!

Announced today, GO, Malta’s leading telecommunications provider has chosen Blueslice Network’s CSP 3000™ (Converged Subscriber Platform), the industry-leading, evolved Subscriber Data Management (eSDM) platform, to replace legacy Home Location Register systems.Blueslice Networks will also provide the necessary HSS, AAA and Subscriber Repository building blocks for GO’s converged services strategy.

You can view the press release here.

With Blueslice Network’s flexible and scalable subscriber management platform, all front end applications (ngHLR 3000™, HSS 3000™ and the AAA 3000™) hosted, will enable Blueslice Network’s CSP 3000™ to merge and seamlessly share subscriber profiles across GO’s GSM, UMTS, IMS (fixed and mobile), as well as 4G (LTE, WiMAX) networks.

With the Blueslice SDM solution, GO will be able to deliver on its “converged services” business strategy to increase customer stickiness as well as to change the customer experience altogether,” said Joseph Bugeja, Chief Technical Officer, GO, “This project will be an essential part of GO’s wider strategic transition towards a converged business entity, with an integrated network, operating systems and processes.”

So what does all this really mean?

Think apps. Think mobile advertising. Think downloadable anything. Think niche online store. Think (insert word here) Market. Most of all, think Android.

Data management has always been key. SUBSCRIBER data management – even bettter.

Someone should approach GO and propose a sweet, no fail, no brainer deal. Just saying.

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