Education and gaming: Holistic Mobility Part 1

If I were an educator or one that had a certain amount of influence as to where the future of education will lead (and at this point in time, the path seems really obvious – i.e. serious games platform), then I would gather up a team of android developers, creatives, a focus group that consists of the school age up to post graduate students, parents, government officials, representatives from industry sectors, parents, startups, artists/muscians, game developers .. and collaborate on ideas – just ideas, first.

And from this series of round table talks or brainstorming dialogue, the android developers would then get a base picture of what might need to be implemented for a series of edutainment courses, that all take place on a gaming platform.

The Android Platform is the most likely platform for the development of serious games on mobile devices, be it netbooks, smartphones, whatever. World systems are not stagnant (maybe some governments), and neither are its inhabitants (except for the niche non-ambitious folk, but perhaps, they too can be inspired!). We are moving towards a system of societies that are mobile, not just on one plane but holistically.

    “Holistic Mobility

the act of integrating and thus transitioning one’s daily thoughts and actions into a metamorphosis of new behaviour that involves a mobile device with internet connectivity.” – digitalfemme

Everyone, on some level wants to learn. Passively or agressively conscious of it, there will be a time when the opportunity for passive learning (which has been taking place on game platforms for decades), will be a brain faculty default. This will be more evident through the use of mobile devices. And the devices that run operating systems that offer flexibility and openess to new ideas, will be an important tool in the process of defining and refining Holistic Mobility.

Mindful Open Source projects will be the stepping stones that will help quide the transition into Holistic Mobility. The Open Source Community has been preparing for this, whether or not they realize their impact.

This IS the future of education. We ARE moving towards it. We may not be ready but our youth and the generation earlier – they expect this.

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