After MWC 2010

It was a week ago that I returned from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and I’m STILL exhausted. It was truly overwhelming and surely a Gadget Gals paradise, not to mention a “sausage fest” as Sara would put it.

Not only that, but I found myself wifi challenged the first day and a half. Mind you, I arrived there Tuesday morning and went straight to the venue. Despite the Media Wifi card, access was horrible. If you weren’t accessing their ethernet cables then wifi was fickle, for me anyway. I would’ve gotten those Yoigo Pre-Paid data and phone sim cards if I only knew where they were earlier. Luckily, Wednesday afternoon I managed to find a phone house and purchase two. I didn’t want to be caught without wifi ever. NEVER!

It really was too bad though. I was not able to qik or live stream or tweet (much) or especially take photos and twitpic, posterous or facebook them.

Wednesday afternoon was spent trying to see everything (which I didn’t get to do). Thursday was spent seeing the exhibits I really wanted to see and going back and talking to people. Thursday was by far the best day in terms of talking to people. However, by the time I got back to the press area, I only had like 20 minutes to upload photos to flickr … I had forgotten that the press area closed at 4 pm on the last day. In fact, when I left the press area, the exhibitors were already starting to pack up.

I did manage to take enough photos and enough vids. What I still need to do is to write about all the things I wanted to share. This weekend should be a blogging weekend. Hopefully I’ll get MWC10 squared away before CeBIT next week.

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