Eric Schmidt Speaks

While wandering the auditorium halls, I happened to catch Google’s Eric Schmidt, giving his keynote speech. So shoot me for not staying the entire keynote but my tummy was grumbling and when my tummy speaks, I listen.

I did manage to stay for the first 20 minutes, enough to see the demo of Google’s Voice Search and to know that, German was the fourth language to be added to their search. Out of the 20 minutes of EricSpeak time I found one sentence that struck out at me in a good way.

” … mobile first.”

Indeed, developers are no longer placing mobile app development on their roadmap after browsers, but rather developing new apps / software on mobile, FIRST. This statement does not only mark the point of a change in software development but more importantly, signify the start of a truly mobile world – for some, with more possibilities for others.

I’m not going to make a statement that would lock Google as the leader of the mobile world, dare I even think that. I will however, minutely suggest that Google has definitely upped the anty in terms of “empowerment for the end user”.

Eric Schmidt also mentioned something along the lines of the U.S. being one of the leaders of LTE, in other words, 4G is just a bridge away. I need to emphasize the phrase ‘one of the leaders’ because he also clearly mentioned that the Europeans, who have been known to lead the world in wireless technology, with China close behind, are collaborative partners when it comes to deploying LTE to the world.

I understand that there may be a few snickers at the mention of 4G, as there still needs to be much improvement with 3G, not to mention networks even being able to provide 3G, let alone, reliable 3G, just saying.

But what the world doesn’t know won’t hurt them. One day, humans will wake up to the reality of a standard 4G and perhaps augmented reality apps that have somehow creeped into our devices overnight.

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