Barcelona, here we come!

Seven more days to go and we’re gearing up to take Barcelona by storm. Android PR Gal will be meeting a few other Androidians (@timstrazz @_zero @alsutton @Manupool? @mtrends ) rumored to be invading an area of that Spanish city and who knows what antics will ensue.

First off, definitely a meet up for a much awaited IRL (in real life) #androidcoffee. Next, major hacking and coding in the evening(s) and playing around with some nifty gadgets, slated to make a presence at the designated, rented loft. Third, there’ll be a Mobile Cocktail event .. I don’t know about you, but cocktails .. and mobile? Sounds good to me, just as long as they are not moving at such high velocities, that would make my head spin into unimaginable g-forces (imagined only be me).

We’ll also be attending the Android Developer Lab on the 17th of February. Really looking forward to meeting some of the Barcelona devs as well as others from around the world. Be sure that there’ll be lots of photos and vids taken during this time.

For the early birds, there will be the 5th annualMobile Sunday (February 14th) Meet Up – a gathering of mobile bloggers and the like. Be sure to look into attending if you’ll be arriving on Sunday. You’ll need to reserve your tickets on Amiando (€25).

If you plan to attend this years Mobile World Congress, please let us know so that we can meet up!

Ping us at or send us a tweet at @whatsupandroid

Barcelona, here we come!

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