Lightning Bug Video Review

“… to sleep, perchance to dream …”

I don’t know about many of you, but I often have trouble sleeping. I don’t think it’s an insomniac thing, as much as I believe that I really am a “night person”, forced to adjust my natural body clock to the “rat race” world. This obviously has some repercussions on my sleep and wake modes.

The only thing that has managed to appease this inherently “my body is not a happy camper” situation is to use a device aid, or rather, an android app that runs on a device. I love you my “Lightning Bug!”.

I never had problems getting to sleep .. oh .. at say, about 6 am in the morning (that’s standard night person schedule) but for reasons just described I find I need all the coaxing and help I can get.

Lightning Bug comes with the following features:

– 6 screen modes

– customizable sounds per screen mode

– customizable volume settings per sound

– sleep timer (I love this)

– alarm mode with lots of different alarm ring tones to suit everyone’s wake up mode (I am not kidding you on this)

– option to turn on and off the clock display

– large, simple and self explanatory icons (for those with well endowed fingers)

– regular updates that keep up with each android os upgrade

– that ever elusive EXIT button that’s so easy to spot

– cool, friendly, “cute” developers.

Lightning Bug is also one of the TOP APPS of the Android Market in the Health Category!

The version I have been using was 1.0.12. There is now an upgrade, 1.0.13 that offers even more options.

Here is a video demo of “Lightning Bug“, created by the team behind 1908 Media.

Developer: 1908 Media
Version: 1.0.12

Demo’d on handset: T-Mobile Pulse
Firmware version: 1.5
Kernel version: 2.6.27-perf

Update 1.0.13 now available!

I must apologize for the video quality. The camera was trying to auto focus but holding it with my left hand, navigating a device with my right and then trying to talk in some kind of organized fashion was a bit too challenging for me.

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