Symbian Says, "Hello World!"

2010 will mark the tipping point for Mobile Technology. Mobile operating systems have taken a large leap in defining an empowered future by abandoning the old ways of “what’s our’s is our’s and you can’t have any” to turning the other cheek and going “open source”.

Yesterday marked the entry of yet another big player, the world of the Symbian OS. Opening its doors to the developer world, the platform will surely be going over a radical make-over, even if it only involves the acquisition of “accessories” in terms of apps.

But what does this all mean? Why didn’t the Symbian Gods open their pearly gates earlier? Why now?

Did Android have something to do with influencing this “turn over a new leaf” or ?

Right before our social media consciousness, we are witnessing the future of mobile unfold into an exciting platform of possibilities. Where this will lead only time will tell.

One thing is for sure. If we’ve ever been really connected, we will be even more connected now, in ways that will make us think “Now, this is more like it.”

Never mind that Apple decided to call their new baby (the iPAD) a name which makes women cringe and “LOL” in such cynical ways. Never mind that Google is handing out FREE Nexus Ones to as many anxious and ambitious developers worldwide. Never mind the the Symbian OS has emerged from an obviously “productive” brain storming session .. the question is, “How will Microsoft’s new phone, fare when entering the game?”

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