WinMo: Steal My Heart Again?

Just because I’ve had to divide my time (most of my time) with the “working girl” mode, doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping up with the mobile-sphere garble.

An interesting tidbit is the buzz on Microsoft’s new phone. Especially with the Mobile World Conference 2010 just weeks away, the anticipation of a new gadget hangs waftily in the air.

And WinMo isn’t the only one making an entrance sometime this year. Apple’s “Come See Our Latest Creation” email announcement has taken the usual Apple Frenzy, that naturally occurs surrounding any of their events, up a notch. January 27th, much like January 5th of this year, will have the mobile tech world and mainstream alike, on the edge of their seats. Will Apple’s tablet be shown? Will Apple intro the iPhone 4.0 OS? Oh joy, oh bliss, too much excitement and it’s all happening in the first QTR too.

If that’s not enough to make a gadget gal’s head spinning, talks of a Nexus Two phone has started to circulate. Egad!

But let’s get back to what I really wanted to write about – a Microsoft Phone.

Mind you, my first experience with a handheld mobile was from a Compaq iPaq that ran Windows Pocket PC 2000. It was mindblowing, to say the least. I was able to play video, work on mobile versions of Microsoft Office, project a power point presentation onto a screen using the IR connection, kept all my infection control quarterly data, view my photos and listen to music.

The Mac Addict that I was/am, still appreciated the Windows Mobile platform when it came out (I never had nor held a Palm). Despite the fun I have on Twitter, poking at WinMo users and their Gurus (@johnobeto) et al .. I do realize that Microsoft actually gave me my first mobile wireless experience. In other words, it de-virginized digitalfemme. I will never forget the short but ever so passionate relationship I had with my iPaq. As with all great love affairs, it was time to move on ….. and so I did.

I’ve had many more gadget affairs but the one that still eludes me is Android. Ho Hum, Ho Hum ..

I will anticipate the launch of a new Microsoft Phone. I would be interested to see just how their new operating system fairs with the iPhone’s and Android’s OS.

Let’s put it this way, I may be the Android PR Gal but I’m a gadget lover first and foremost. Techy, shiny things that make me mobile and let me access the world and allow my fingers to contort to various qwerty expressions while squinting my eyes to a screen held in my hand just sends my head spinning into never never land. Am I excited? You bet!

Okay Microsoft, let’s see what you’ve got up your sleeve. You were my first (mobile gadget) love. Can you steal my heart again? Oh, and this “Pink” Project name .. please don’t really be Pink. – Egad!

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  1. Khuram Malik says:

    My first love, too, (Mobile world0 was also an iPaq.I bought their 2nd generation Smartphone. It wasnt bad, except when the battery died, so did the data. Uggh!What i was really surprised about at the time that Microsoft was at the forefront of innovation. Its just so not like Microsoft. They’re usually, “copy someone else, but make it more standard” type people, but it showed a glimpse of what was about to become of the Mobile Phone market.Don’t see myself going back to an MS product though, which is strange cos you couldnt pull me away from something like Microsoft Office or Exchange no matter how hard you try ;-)I’m really looking forward to what Apple have to offer. I do wonder if they have it in them to disrupt the market once again. That would be fun!

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