Android "Fashions" From Asia

Let’s face it, 2010 is the year we’ll be seeing a flood of Android Devices with remarkable hardware designs and some, so-so ones.

Rumors have already gathered on new Androids in the horizon but leaked-rumors regarding Android have been turning up as “real”.

Next week’s CES event will definitely be showing off a few Android devices, and what with Google’s Press Conference on Jan. 5th perhaps announcing their new Nexus One, this week will see a frenzy of tweets, friendfeeds, facebook, twitpics, Qik vids, YouTube runs and live blogging entries all trying to get their say on whatever Android Device makes its official debut.

I’m predicting that the entire year of 2010 will be like an never-ending “Fashion Week” (only stretched out to the entire year), of Android after Andriod device … launching back to back from well known manufacturers and some new names jumping on the Android Bandwagon.

Android device launches will be worse than Apple product launches. Apple only launches new product designs or upgrades 3 or 4 times a year. With Android, mainstream will be bombarded with so many from all directions that they won’t know what to think.

I’ve always been one to want the latest gadgets and it’ll be absolutely nuts choosing which Android Device to get, which one to wait for or whether I just reach into my pocket and fork out money for another one … just because.

Geek girl that I am can definitely relate to Android devices like shoes or bags. Definitely a tech accessory for any tech savvy, tech sexy gal. Bring it on!

These fashionable Android Models will mostly, if not ALL, come from Asia.

Just saying …

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