2010 FTW!

Happy New Year Everyone!

whatsupandroid.com is only a little over 3 months old and if I were to look back at all the things that happened, from the very first time I found myself playing around with green shapes on Macromedia’s Fireworks till now, I’m blown away.

What started out as a site for only showcasing Android Cartoons, to make Android Dev’s laugh grew into something more. It grew into a platform that enabled me to connect with so many people I would not have otherwise known. It  gave me entrance and acceptance, into a community and industry that’s not so easy to get into :-)

It challenged me to learn something new and most of all it gave me a platform to write again about what I’ve always been passionate about, technology and its impact on society.

Through the eyes of Android I am able  to articulate, indirectly, my concerns about how technology is either amplifying or diminishing, certain traits of our humanistic behaviour, be it positive or negative.

For those that follow @whatsupandroid on twitter, you’ll notice that I do not necessarily tweet about the latest android news or cutting edge schtuff related to android. I wish I could but I can’t. I don’t have the resources to, nor do I even own an Android device.

In the beginning of the cartoon creating, I new I wanted to call myself the Android PR Gal. PR not being public relations but rather “people relationships”. Everything is about relationships. Everything, from the way we relate to our environment, the way we treat our bodies on a molecular level to the way we interact with one another. That also applies to businesses. Businesses are no longer brick buildings focused on profit. The business  of tomorrow is all about building stronger customer relationships, through transparent and two-way, open communication.  Sorry to say, but when it comes down to REAL, people relationships are worth far more than any stock on the NASDAQ. For those that do not agree, *sigh*.

I just want the first 2010 post to be a post full of Thank You’s.

I want to thank Ronan Schwarz (@_zero) for doing his Android Dev presentation in English at AUGE. If he were to have done it in German I would have NEVER realized the potential of the Android OS. Thank you Ronan. Oh, and Happy Birthday by the way.

I want to thank OpenIntents for  sponsoring my ticket to attend the first Android Conference in Europe (DroidCon Berlin 2009). Actually, Ronan gave them a heads up about me.

I want to thank Marcus Link (@Manupool) for paying for my flight to Berlin and back. If he didn’t secure my flights I would never have been able to attend DroidCon 2009, Berlin.

I want to thank Matthias Patz (@MatthiasPatz) for allowing me to stay at his flat in Berlin.

I want to thank Gregor Gross (@gregorgross) for inviting me and friends to dinner at his very chiq loft and for making a fab dinner and “to die for” risotto.

I want to thank Matthias (Patz) and Dennis Just (@das_startup) for taking me to see the Berlin Wall on my last day.

I want to thank Thomas Keup (@DroidCon) and Markus Kucborski (@DroidCamp) for their support and kind words at DroidCon.

I want to thank all the people I met at DroidCon and who connected with me through facebook, twitter and XING.

I want to thank those people who “unfollowed” or “blocked” me because they thought my tweets were “brainless” and who later somehow followed me again :-) Thank you for taking the time to know me a little better and realize on your own, I’m not “brainless” afterall.

I want to thank all the people I interviewed for their time and effort in supplying me with answers to questions I wanted to share with the Android Community (Norbert Möhring, Marc André Ueberall, André Rabold and Fabien Röhlinger).

I want to thank Kevin Nakao of Whitepages.com for giving me the opportunity to help illustrate his article, “Mobile Advertising: 5 Things You Need to Know to Succeed in 2010“, that was published on Mashable Dec. 30, 2009. Kevin, that was so much fun.

Other mentions go out to the following:


Marc André Ueberall of Big Black Block for modeling my Android PR Gal in a 3D graphic file for 3D printing.

Ryan Wallace of ProtoSwift3D for printing out Marc’s 3D graphic file.

Pat Phelan of MAXROAM for sponsoring whatsupandroid.com.

Life Lines and Overall Support:

Khuram Malik for always being there when I needed real time support.

Evert Bopp for being a wireless mobile mentor and Alex Schregardus for giving me insights into his really cool innovative projects ;-)

Darren Cooper for knowing when to reach out and being there when  I needed it most.

Jason Mosbrucker who recommended me to someone who is partner in a German Marketing/PR firm, of which I will start to work with this January 4, 2010 (I will be project co-ordinator for their English Speaking Accounts).

Claudia Rauch for being the first one to respond to my shoutout to help with the first Frankfurt Girl Geek Dinners, and who was an amazing partner in organizing our two events.

I also want to thank the #androidcoffeebreak gang for all the online coffeebreak fun. Cheers! (Michael Dunstheimer helped get the #androidcoffeebreak gang .. going .. thank you Michael!)

Of course, there are hundreds of others I need to thank … you know who you are (twitter followers and facebook friends),  it’s just getting really late or really early and I’m starting to doze off.

I love you all. Thank you so much for helping me continue with whatsupandroid.com in all the special ways that you do.

Happy New Year! 2010 FTW!

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