Google: Keep them Guessing …

I read a very interesting article today on the CNN site, written by By Tom Krazit, CNET. The jist of the read pointed out the risqué’ness of Google’s decision to come out with a Google Phone *their own*, said to be named the Nexus One.

If Google plans to sell the Nexus One directly to consumers, will it insist upon using its brand as the lead brand, rather than the “With Google” branding found on the back of many Android phones?

Good question. But so what? It’s Android.

Granted, a power image such as Google, coming out with their *own* phone would seem like a big deal (actually, it IS a big deal) but not from the point of how the masses may see it.

It’s a big deal because surely, the Android Version that will be running on this phone will be tweaked to seemlessly run and have all the nifty Google apps and possibly, enterprise components integrated like bread and butter. Mind you, this may signal possible orgasmic episodes for those Google Geek Die Hards but for others, it’s simply another cool phone that runs a cool mobile operating system.

May I remind you, that there IS a strong non-Google following that has made it their mission statement to avoid anything that Google has touched (not too sure how easy that is with YouTube though), but … There are also masses that aren’t really that well acquainted with Google’s “making your online life easier” experience, I mean, I still have friends with Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and MSN email accounts. Imagine that!

This could be a very telling moment in Google’s history. At the moment, Google’s mobile division does not seem to be completely in control of the message it wants to send consumers, partners, and competitors.

And what message is that? I would like to think that Google’s mobile division would be more concerned and focused on providing the BEST MOBILE EXPERIENCE for their customers, be it operating system, applications, and I suppose, now, hardware. But sources have already said that Google is not manufacturing these *Google Phones*. The first one will be from HTC, and the buzz out there is that these *Google Phones* may also be made available via T-Mobile.

NEWSFLASH: The Twitter Android Stream just reported via @phandroid that Google has filed and received the trademark rights for the name “Nexus One”.

Taken from Phandroid’s Post:

Let the conspiracy theories continue from all sides of the issue, but if the HTC Passion is the Nexus One and the Nexus One is what Google Employees were given over the weekend AND Google just patented the name “Nexus One” – what does that say? HTC wouldn’t have Google trademarking a name for a phone THEY release.

Crazy, right?


Crazy Indeed!

I love Twitter! I just checked the android twitter stream and caught @Phandroid’s post. Now I need to re-think things.


NEWSFLASH: Just caught this on Engadget. Twitter friend Michael Gartenberg (@Gartenberg)
just write on article that’s posted on Engadget.

Taken from Michael’s post:

Selling unlocked devices sans carrier is a lousy business model in the States, however. There’s no mass market for unlocked phones in the US — just ask Nokia how hard it is to sell a high end phone with no carrier subsidy or support. Either Google would need to take a huge loss on every device to achieve a consumer-friendly price point, or hope to convince consumers to pay full price for an unsubsidized device — even though Eric Schmidt in the past has argued phone prices need to trend to zero through full subsidies. What’s more, an unlocked device will at least get you onto T-Mobile and AT&T’s EDGE networks, but Verizon and Sprint both require phones that are approved for network use and can easily be locked out.

Michael, what if the price of Google’s Phone will be ridiculously affordable? I understand, that given the specs etc … it would be difficult to imagine how Google or any other industry mobile phone entity can price such phones at affordable costs, but .. what if?

I’m not sure what will happen if Verizon and Sprint does not approve the Googe Phone into their networks. Hmm, how difficult would it be for Google to have their own network? Just wondering ….

At the time of Michael’s post, I am sure he was not aware that Google filed and got approved to the trademark rights for the name Nexus One.

At this point I am not even sure anymore if the name Nexus One applies to a device such as a phone. I haven’t been following up on Google’s plight on the bidding of the upcoming 700 MHz auction a few years ago.

And remember a few months ago when the FCC did an investigation on Google Voice?

All this may or may not be related to all the Buzz that seems to be climaxing towards the end of 2009. But now my Android PR Gal is reeling with all sorts of crazy thoughts.

I won’t be surprised if my dreams tonight are about Google coming up with their own wireless network for unlocked android phones to operate within and through, or .. for any unlocked phone, for that matter.

All I know is, the Google Buzz just got a whole lot more exciting! Everybody hang on to their seats. We’re going for a ride!

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