Google Gives Android Wings!

The news came in bits and bytes over the past month. Arrington confirmed it here but after that, it was still a “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Then, more bits and bytes streamed in yesterday. Talk of giving Google employees dog food. Then the “self contained” jealous tweets about the public not being privy to this dog food, which ended up being proof of Google’s new phone, given to employees for playing around with testing.

I continued to watch my Android Twitter stream yesterday as the content of the “dog food” tweets transformed into what is now buzzing – Nexus One, the name of Google’s new phone. For the record Michael (@arrington), I never doubted you for an hour.

No, Google will not be building it. HTC will. Way to go HTC! I’m not the least bit disturbed by this fact. Afterall, if the leaked line-up of HTC’s 2010 models are true (some are pretty damn sexy to me!), then I have perfect confidence that HTC will pull this job off. ;-)

Well folks, this is it. Android is getting wings!

What does that really mean Android PR Gal? You’re getting *lost in translation* again.

Let me explain.

Google’s new phone, slated to be first made available online sometime January 2010 will be offered as an *unlocked* phone! Translation? “WE get to CHOOSE which mobile phone carrier WE want to use”.



We’ll get to choose what network we want to use, how we want to use our data plan and best of all, we may even get to choose how much money (monthly, daily etc .. ) we want to put into our smartphone experience. Hmmm, those pre-paid mobile broadband cards are looking pretty appealing right now.

*Unlocked* phones are definitely not new. In fact, our tech lovin’ brothers and sisters on the other side of the world (Asia) have been experiencing the joy and empowerment of unlocked phones for decades. It’s just not a common practice for Western World Mobile Phone Carriers (heaven forbid).

The fact that Google is coming out with their own Google phone, surely packed with all of Google’s rich innovations, and are NOT mobile phone carriers totally changes the *game*. Again, this does not surprise me. Ever since Google joined the *game* , the rules have been changing slowly. More like, the rules are slowly fading off into distant *clouds*. I like that. I despise rules. :-)

Currently, I’m sitting in the comfort of my own little Android PR Gal world. It seems as if my work has been cut out for me. Everything is going as it should. Android continues to empower. Android continues to be part of a *change* that people still can’t quite figure out yet.

It would be nice to say my job is done. But no! There is much more work to do. The Android Movement is picking up pace and how. Looks like 2010 will be a very busy year for building “People Relationships”. Yay!

Want the BEST Google *unlocked* Android OS Phone experience? Get a MAXROAM or/and QIKROAM prepaid sim card and NEVER have to worry about roaming charges OR whether your current sim card will work.

OMG. That just sounded like a line for a tv commercial! Hmmm …

MAXROAM and QIKROAM are pre paid sim cards that have access to networks ALL over the world. Imagine paying local rates wherever and whenever. PLUS, you get to control how much you spend monthly! Now how’s THAT for total empowerment!

Well, don’t just sit there. Comment on what I just said? What do you think?

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