The Conference App

the conference app

Ah, the conference. We’ve all been there, done that. We pick out an industry event we want to attend for the value of learning new things, networking with people, meeting some key contacts and best of all, having the opportunity to perhaps, connect with the right person or persons that could help benefit our current situations.

We get to the venue and despite the fact that we’ve managed to download the event information on our smartphone or even have a hard copy of the event’s agenda and building layout, we still seem somewhat … lost.

We’ve even planned to meet a few people during this time except, we’ve only seen their twitter profile and have never really met them before. We did exchange mobile numbers just in case we don’t catch their tweets alerting us, via DM of their location.

Let’s say we just finished attending a session and are on our way to another one but … what if, we had the power to simply look down at our mobile devices, power up an app and have access in real time to where all the sessions are, AND being able to navigate to their locations from our mobile devices! We would also be able to know who are currently attending which of these sessions and/or where the people we want to meet are at any given time during the conference?

Wouldn’t this make the “conference experience” so much more … awesome?!

Introducing the conference app!

My friends, the mobilers, have come up with a concept to do all this and much more. I’m not going to give away all the juicy details here. You’ll have to visit their site to find out more.

I just thought I’d tease you a bit in preparation for what’s to come.

There IS a video given by one of the mobiler members, Sabine, explaining the conference app. (video is currently in German)

Honestly, this is one app I am really looking forward to. It’s like a mashup of gps navigation, twitter and facebook’s built in chat all rolled into one app that somehow managed to get out of the matrix and make itself *real*.

Kudos to the Samsung mobilers for coming up with this amazing conference app. Looking forward to getting an invite to test the app! ;-)

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