Android Hackathon in Brussels!

Brussels is gathering up local and nearby android developers for their December 13th Android Hackathon.

The team at OpenIntents has really gotten behind the Android Movement and have shown great support and drive in terms of organizing Android Events throughout Europe. The First DroidCon (Android Conferernce) that took place in Berlin early in November of this year was a great success. One month later, there was a DroidCon London and early next year, 2010, there will be a DroidCon in Brussels.

Despite the borders and language barrier(s) that are encountered here in Europe, the Android Movement easily traverses these challenges and helps bring developers together, passionate about the platform and its open source qualities.

If you’re and Android developer this would be a great chance for you to network, learn, have a great time and hack a way!

Do, register for this event here.

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