#AndroidCoffeeBreak Goes Wild!


What started as one desperate tweet on twitter —>

The Tweet …

.. that was picked up and replied by a few …

The Replies ….

… spawned the idea of taking photos of their realtime coffee breaks …

The Idea …

.. here’s the photo that started the ball rolling …

The Photo …

then the idea got understood by others …

Android Coffee Break is born!

@BigBlackBlock catches on too!

Then, it got really insane. People started taking photos of their realtime coffee cups with the coffee cups that were online! And so on.. and so on.

#androidcoffeebreak goes insane.

The #androidcoffeebreak continued and people kept posting their realtime coffee breaks online on twitter and sharing it with the crew.

Then oneday @kreativmonkey goes and does this …

Well. Once someone does a YouTube video of the #androidcoffeebreak the other obvious step would be to have a Facebook Group!

Android Coffee Break Group of Facebook. Of Course!

Make sure to join the Android Coffee Break Gang on Facebook.

Where will the #androidcoffeebreak go next? Perhaps, they will be meeting in their own 3D space during their online global coffee breaks.

You know, awhile ago @digitalfemme created the Twitter Cafe in Second Life with the permission of @jack of course. She and @Manupool moved their projects to an open simulator called, the Manupool Grid.

That’s it! The #androidcoffeebreak gang can now have the option of also being inworld, in 3D, at the Twitter Cafe in the Manupool Grid.

Android Coffee Break Gang @ the Twitter Cafe

For more information on how to join the 3D Virtual AndroidCoffeeBreak Gang, please contact me, the Android PR Gal or @Manupool. The Manupool Grid is still in beta so Private Invites will be handed out accordingly.

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