Gameloft: Patience is a Virtue

After seeing tweet upon tweet of Gameloft cutting back on their budget for game development on Android (I guess that’s what I get when I have a dedicated column on tweetdeck for #android), I just had to write this post.

I’ve been reading most, if not all the comments on blogs regarding Gamelofts decision and I must say, “Can you blame them?”

In a society where people are so use to having things done *now* and where *faster is better* (just not in sex .. well, maybe at intervals) and what with the economy doing a number on the world and is still recovering in most places, I could certainly understand how the powers that be at Gameloft could come to such a rash decision.

*either that or someone has strong ties to Apple*

It has been in my observation over the past 15 years or so, that people are impatient. The more technology comes up with gadgets aimed at making our activities of daily living not only easier but speedier, not very many people have the patience  to wait and see how something will turn out. Our food is even genetically tampered with so that they grow in record time. Doctors prefer scheduling C-Sections instead of allowing something that women have been doing since the dawn of time – without any forceps or surgical intervention, in order to get in more deliveries a day. We have drive-thru-fastfood-take-out joints and even drive-thru pharmacies and motor banks. There’s even speed dating!

Yup, society’s expectations regarding the concept of time in relation to the natural cycle of things is all screwed up.


People need to remember that  change is fact. There is a cycle inherent in all things, including technology and economy. Why do people never learn from history?  The underdog rises from the gallows. The wind gathers strength, silently and  slowly picks up pace. What was once a power, falls. Children grow. The weak get stronger. UI’s improve. Apps get better.

Let’s not bash Gameloft for their rash judgement. Afterall, people need to make money and they need to make money NOW. We can’t fault them for being products of their society. I just wouldn’t want to be the one to say to them, “I told you so.”

Gameloft on Wikipedia.

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