Ugh, Another Android Forum?

As much as I wanted a platform (away from Twitter and Facebook) that didn’t look people straight in the face and scream *FORUM*, one just can’t get away from the *FORUM* structure. This is a forum, in as much as forums go but I would also like to think it’s more than just that.

The What’s up, Android “VIP Back Door” is not just another *FORUM* (really!). It’s a forum platform that will serve as the basis of part of the foundation of a business model that I am slowly starting to implement.

Categories are broken down into what most Android Forums would have but instead of lumping things together, I tried to create separate MAJOR Board Topics under the various categories of: Android Devices, Android Apps, Android News, Developer Corner, Mobile Phone Carriers etc .. to make it easier for people to target “specifically” where they want to engage in dialog, share their opinion and more so, for people to get information on a specific topic like, HTC Android Phones.

Categories and their MAJOR Board Topics with corresponding *child* branches are set up to be part of a larger project. One that quickly identifies for Developers, Mobile Phone Manufacturers, Mobile Phone Carriers, Mobile Advertisers, and interested parties – *unique* issues, giving them an overview for a possible “break out the white board” session for identifying areas of improvment or solutions.

VIP Back Door vs. Twitter: Twitter is immensely useful for following certain topics, almost like a ticker tape online feed streaming right in front of your eyes. I use twitter to follow ALL android mentions. However, the engagement is often one to one or @reply to @reply and DM. Even with @replies to more than one person, 140 characters obviously does not suffice. Indeed, Twitter is like a “take off” zone where initial engagements can be carried out into other social media platforms like Skype, Email, Landline, Cell Phone, Facebook messages, Facebook groups, Facebook fan pages, blogs and comments etc .. . These are all wonderful and useful. I chose to go the traditional Forum Style because of the value that Forum platforms can give – community, interesting discussions and debates and forums are a great way to follow certain topics and get a quick overview of people’s opinions. Of course you can also get this from reading comments on blogs and sites, this is just another way. It’s a way I’ve chosen to try out for something much bigger :-)

I will be observing how people use the VIP Back Door very closely and engaging with people as much as possible. I will be looking for key points that are being brought up time and time again relating to Android and hopefully using this as a means to bring attention to where the attention needs to be brought to. In following a dedicated Android stream on Twitter (I use tweetdeck), I’ve noticed the same redundant posts being retweeted by many, usually to the same people that are following the same Android Stream. 140 character opinions are sometimes made, but not usually. I want to be able to take all those things that are being Retweeted on Twitter and gather those people that are retweeting them, and bring them here .. to state their opinion, rather than commenting (if they do) on an article or blog post.

Developer Value. I hope that developers will be able to also use the VIP BackDoor to announce apps, enlist beta testers and obtain immediate feedback. Of course, developers are creating feedback on their own sites and blogs or forums, but what I have noticed is that there are hundreds of developers that do not have the time to moderate a forum much less set one up. These are the developers that I want to help empower. Their users are here too. I want them to simply post a mention of a new app with a link etc .. , request for beta testers and basically use the VIP Back Door as a sort of User Market before sending their apps off into the Android Market. This all ties in with a larger project that will be soon revealed, in time.

Mobile Phone Carriers. I want a place where people can get an overview of the issues that are being brought up with Mobile Phone Carriers worldwide. If communication is to be equal and if we want to be able to use our Android devices (or any other device) as we travel worldwide, seemlessly (I have hope that this can be done), then under the Mobile Phone Carrier Category, people will be able to make themselves aware of other limits in other countries. We need to demand the obvious. We need to collect as one unified voice and initiate dialog with entities that make things difficult, when we know there is a solution.

@EvertB tweeted something that really made me *RAWR*.

Things are changing fast and we should also help prompt those changes in these old school style business models. We  need to gather together to help break down these borders that are getting in the way of our progress as an accountable humanity.

I hope to bring out the meat and potatoes of these topics and have them hashed out on the What’s up, Android “VIP Back Door”.

I just installed the platform 24 hrs ago. Spent the entire night and early morning tweaking the template to get it to NOT look like the standard forum (as forums go). I tried hard to have the “VIP Back Door” look similiar in style to the What’s up, Android site. I think I achieved that goal.

So, here’s where you come in. Please join and register @ the VIP Back Door. Not to join another Android Forum but to be part of a larger voice that will be taken to entities that need to held accountable for their unacceptable ways. Join to become part of a larger voice that will help empower, shape and bring forth the potential of the Android Movement.

Start the dialog!

Special Thanks goes out to @v6tc, @EvertB and @BigBlackBlock for testing out the platform and providing feedback.

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Ugh, Another Android Forum?
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