Android Invasion: LONDON

Android Invasion: London

The Android Movement is picking up pace!

The first Android Conference took place in Berlin (DroidCon 2009, Berlin) just two weeks ago. It was a great success and proved that the Android Movement was not only strong in Germany but all over Europe as well. Next stop, London.

Londroid organizers have picked up the torch and will be hosting the Android Barcamp (DroidCamp) and Android Conference (DroidCon) December 1 and 2.

“DroidCon London will be a two day extravaganza of Android development. First a Barcamp where we’ll just make something amazing happen between our illustrious selves, then the next day it’ll be an opportunity for hobnob amongst Android’s European stars at the conference. None of your marketing jive here buddy, just developers running free amongst their own like kittens in a field of buttercups.” –  Kevin McDonagh

These two highly anticipated events are fortunate to be supported by the awesome teams at Skills Matter and Novoda. Both entities are passionate and active supporters of the Open Source movement and strive hard to continue to empower communities using this platform. Android developers and those interested in Android are guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind-unique experience both at DroidCamp and DroidCon (London). The opportunities and value that events such as these bring to the strength and momentum of the android developer evolution are priceless.

Here’s a sneak peak at the experience you’ll be getting:
1st Dec, Droidcamp – Barcamp for Android hacking –
2nd Dec, Droidcon- London Android conference –

DroidCon Schedule: Dec. 2, 2009
09:30-10:00    Welcome! Welcome! – Carl Gustaf-Harroch & Kevin McDonagh of Novoda
10:00-11:00     Advanced Audio Development in Android – Andreas Reuterberg and Alex Shaw
11:05-11:50     Comparative Analysis of Object Orientead and Procedural Programming methodologies on the Android Platform – Akshay Dashrath
11:55-12:40     Zii Labs – “Zii Architecture”  A presentation on OpenGL ES
12:40-13:40     LUNCHEON
13:45-14:30     Parkbench panel
14:30-15:15     Understanding Android bytecode with the Dedexer tool. Presented by Gabor Paller who writes the blog “My life with Android ” and creator of Dedexter. – Gabor Paller
15:20-16:05     RJDJ – Martin Roth
16:10-16:55     The Future of Mobile, a discussion
17:00-17:45     Parkbench Panel
17:45-18:00     Thank you + prize raffle / competition results

So … what are you waiting for? Get your DroidCon online tickets now!

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