Apple Android or MacDroid

Imagine if somewhere in the near future (2010) Steve Jobs would get in front of thousands of people at a MacWorld Expo and during one of his much awaited keynote talks he would unveil something that would completely shock the iPhone Community AND the Android Community …

What if (I love ‘what if’s’. It’s a great way of keeping my mind on its toes and stretching the limits of my insanity) Jobs introduces an Apple Project that involved the Android Platform? Now, as insane as that may seem to most of you, I find it quite feasible and not at all far fetched.

My answer to your *gasps* and *appalling looks* would simply be, “Why the hell not?”

So go ahead and talk of how Proprietary Apple is and go ahead and tell me that something like this would seem like an abomination to .. whatever, but on the contrary, if I were Jobs, and I wanted to shut the “iPhone vs Android” talks once and for all and prove who really ruled the mobile phone OS experience in terms of design and UI, then I would certainly do something like that.

It would be a brilliant strategy. No longer would the iPhone’s OS and the Android’s OS be seen as rivals. It  would remove the “Android as competition theme” right out of the water and Apple would just have to worry about Symbian (if even they do, which I think they don’t). iPhone’s OS and the Android OS would be more like compliments. And well, if we could somehow find a way to just compliment each other and each other’s projects, then everyone would benefit and no one would be left eating the dust and well … we’d all just have one huge happy party.

Hmmm, that would certainly help make the world a better place, a better community for mankind, but … *sigh* we’re still a far way off from that ideall Star Trek Civilization.

At least, I could dream … can’t I?

Bleh ….

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