Protect Your Software or Yay! I Got a Trojan!

After hearing about “Ikee”, the worm that just recently infected iPhone users in Australia (those that have cracked, or jailbroken, their phones and not changed their passwords from the default “alpine”), I wondered about Android.

I recently attended DroidCon 2009 last week in Berlin, the first Android Conference in Germany. Dr. Roland Schmitz, presented a session on Mobile Malware Evolution and the Android Security Model. (His slides will be available on the DroidCon site for download)

Dr. Roland Schmitz on Mobile Malware, DroidCon 2009. Berlin

With a code that’s open sourced, such as Android, vunerability issues are heightened. Perhaps that’s why (one of the reasons, maybe) Apple goes through such great lengths and efforts to protect their OS. Protect your OS and you also protect your customers.
Technically speaking, safety and security has been such hot topics in the  IT industry for decades but what about the  other “IT”? The IT that people often feel squeemish talking about, and the IT that now seems to be infiltrating advertising media spots so non-chalantly.
The IT I speak of is, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s).
“Android PR Gal! What in the world made you mention this on the What’s up, Android? site, of all things!???”
Yeah, I can almost hear the snickers and remarks coming through the fiber optics. My answer to that? Why not?
Okay, let’s keep things in context then.
Android Developers are NOT immune to STD’s. There is no app out there, or will ever be out there, that will prevent an Android Developer (or any human, for that matter) from getting STD’s unless they assume responsibility for their intended actions. I am also speaking to the female Android Developers (I know  you’re out there).
A virus that attacks your computer system can lead to hundreds to millions of dollars worth of damage but a virus (HIV) that attacks your human system can cost you your life.
I know, I know… there’s that myth that’s been circulating that Geeks don’t get too much of *you know what*. But that’s just a myth. :-)
So, seeing as I spent the last 11 years of my life in the nursing profession, let me continue to extend the thought of spreading awareness for health. If we spend so much money and go through so much effort to protect our computer systems from virus, trojans or worms, then let’s take the same precaution with our own … ummmm….. “software”.
Protect your software! The only Trojans you should be concerned with are these:

Yay! I got a Trojan!

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