Droid Does it Again!

One, two, three strikes and yer out!

Only this time, the mobile playing field has just gotten a lot more, how would you say … “muddy”?

The game has definitely shifted. Verizon’s blatant iDon’t video, aimed at putting the iPhone in a corner has come back with a triple whammy – KaPow!

Three clever ads just came out that focuses on the “man’s man” clout. Brilliant, robust (?) and somewhat sexy ads that target three specific areas that men in general want to rule in. I’m just waiting for an ad that’s a bit more racy and well, sexual. Something in a bedroom scene. I KNOW one is soon to emerge on the internet …. any day now.

I’m not sure if this run of ad campaign is meant to hit the “What should I get *blank* for a Christmas Present” or “I want a Verizon Droid for my Christmas Present” crowd, but it certainly is causing a stir. I, personally, love it. I appreciate the marketing brains and person that thought out the copy that goes into these ads. I appreciate the storyboard layout, the graphics, set design and audio/visual component that pulls all the elements together to create a catchy ad (never mind, three), the music, the actors, the editing .. everything.

The Motorola Droid is not a pretty phone. It’s dark, apparently more heavy (but solid) and has a “down and dirty” real to it that the other hardwares no longer seem to have. It reminds me of the simple days of mobile gadgets when simply … just being able to hold a mobile gadget in your hand was a pretty awesome thing.

My first mobile phone was a Motorola Flip phone (1995). They had a deal with WHERE Magazines International in Toronto, for the employees to get a 20% discount. Of course I jumped on the opportunity. The phone now, compared to even the largest mobile phone on the market (the iPhone?) looks like a dinosaur in comparison, so to speak, but the Motorola Droid, does have a more primitive, machine-animal, look and feel to it, in terms of mobile casings go (in my abstract opinion).

For me, this primitive, machine-animal look (yeah, I know, it’s just a mobile gadget. So? I have a quirky imagination), fits perfectly to the trio ads that Verizon has come out with.

Manly. Macho. Get-it-Done. Do-the-Job. No Hassles-Smart-Phone. Get-it-Done-Right, yeah baby, oooh, ahhh, oh.. okay, where was I?

In these days of gender equality (ppfffttt! Whatever. I just had to say that), the metro-sexual, the stay-at-home-dad (not that there’s anything wrong with that), the 30-something-still-living-with-his-parents-man – I watch these ads and think … “Hmmm, a man with a Droid that just does is right … hmmmm… I like that.”

*singing* “Do it to me one more time… once is never enough …. for a droid like you .. (that’s why there’s three ads).

Oh, and here are the three ads.

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