It's Droid Day!

Yay! It’s Droid Day.

November 6 has finally arrived and all the hype surrounding Verizon’s new Motorola Droid will reach it’s peak in Verizon stores in the U.S.

The much anticipated android phone, marketed and branded as a Droid phone, has been said to be the closest rival (android based) to the iPhone, so far. Rival, however, is really not the right word, in my opinion.

Indeed, the ingenius one sentence iDon’t video’s that depict the main differences between the android OS and Apple’s iPhone OS may have started that stream of thinking (but that’s just brilliant ad campaigning for hype purposes). Other more  notable and worthy mobile phone sites started comparing the two smartphones in what seemed like endless posts of opinions from all sides (which gave mainstream a wealth of information on both mobile operating systems).

But everybody has an opinion and even if two people agree on one side, there are always differences as to why. I still think it’s like comparing Apples to Passion Fruit. They are both fruit, they are both relatively sweet, depending on their levels of sweetness at any given time and within various versions, however, there can also be significantly main differences.

What’s important to keep in mind is how an individual responds to each phone. Be it, Symbian, Windows Mobile, the iPhone or an Android based phone, thank goodness there are differences to suit people’s tastes and ways in  preferences with navigating through their smartphones.

After all, we ARE individuals just as much as we, at the same time, are commonly human (although I DO have my doubts with some people).

What I do believe in, with regards to the Android OS, just like so many other developers that have joined the Android Movement, is the fact that because of its’ Open Source nature, the potential for empowerment is endless.

This fact alones, opens up so many opportunities for developers and it also challenges the playing field for other industries as well. Mobile phone designers have gotten more inspired, marketing entities are carefully looking at how to exploit this phenomenal movement, and the business-model inclined, are busy figuring out strategies on how to make the Android Movement work for them.

I, on the other hand am a mere observer of life.

I observe, absorb and try to make intelligent and mindful connections with all data that I take in.

I make sure to be reminded that life is about cycles, as with the seasons, with fashion and historically speaking, also with technology.

Android is a movement. It’s a movement in “empowerment” to a group of people that normally were not  given the open style freedom to take a source code and imagine the impossible!

I am the Android PR (People Relationships) Gal. I stand behind this movement.

Today is Droid Day!

Let the games begin!

Don’t forget to take a peek at the cartoon-of-the-day.

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