tnkgrl Does Droid

tnkgrl does droid

I just met one of the coolest gals on Twitter today. Her *cool* factor must be somewhere up in the ranks of gals like Pink because “OMFG … she was unboxing a Motorola Droid today!” How does she do it???

iDon’t know why I always get the tingles whenever I watch people unboxing gadgets, but I do and this one sent my spine a-shivering. She seems to really know her gadgets and gives an awesome detailed description of the Motorola Droid. It won’t be out until November 6 (released to the public), but her video was such a teaser it should be rated XXX in the “unboxing of gadgets” category.

The whole event gave rise to another cartoon inspiration, hence the Cartoon of the Day. You can also view the cartoon on the front page.

tnkgrl meets android PR gal

For those of you wanting to get their hands on a Motorala Droid, watch and be teased!

You can follow tnkgrl on Twitter or visit her blog.

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