Motorola Droid: Countdown Starts!

New Verizon Motorola Android Phone

After much hype during the past two weeks and then a Droid Does video that exposes the weakness of the not-so-perfect iPhone, Verizon came through for Android Fans. The officially release date for its’ new Motorola Droid phone was announced earlier today and the magic date will be November 6.

As usual, Boy Genius gave an awesome Preview of the Motorola Droid. I highly recommend that you read BGR’s preview.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that the Motorola Droid will come with the new Android 2.0 (Eclair). I’m really excited about this Android Phone, because personally, based on BGR’s preview and screenshots, this Android Phone is by far the sleekiest and sexiest Andoid phone out there. I wish I could hold this awesome gadget in my hand.

We love the build quality of this phone. It’s mostly metal, and while it’s heavy, it gives you a reassuring quality feel that you just don’t find much nowadays as handsets get thinner, lighter, smaller, and cheaper. ….. Really solid and it seems to be manufactured very well. The slider is not spring-assisted, but when you push the metal bezel around the gorgeous display upwards, you get a satisfying click. It does the same when you slide it closed as well. – Boy Genius

Oh man, how I want to experience that satisfying click.

I’m really, really feeling a little down right now because first of all, the reality of even getting a Motorola Droid here in Germany is next to nil (at least I am not aware of any other possibility) AND there is not one decent wireless carrier that can even come close to Verizon’s coverage here in Germany. Sorry, but it’s damn true.

I’m wondering now though, if there’s some way of getting a Motorola Droid, then perhaps … hmmmm … unlock, anyone?

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