Interview Line-Up

Android Devs Get Interviewed

I’m on a mission and there’s no stopping me.

I’m going to reach out to Android Developers and get their voices heard on Okay, maybe not heard but get their thoughts and opinions read. Hopefully I’ll get to livestream from an Android phone using Qik or Ustream and get live interviews with some of the up and coming rising android developer stars.

I want to be the Barbara Walters of the Android Universe. I want to be the Oprah of the Android World. I want to be the MTV veejay of the Android Planet. Ambitious? Indeed. Impossible? Hell no!

If you’re an Android Developer you’ll be hearing from me soon. You can always help me out on my mission by simply contacting me first and handing in your contact details so that I can get in touch with you. OR, if you know of an Android Developer that is pretty cool (they’re ALL cool in my book) or doing some really cool stuff on Android, then let me know and I’ll get in touch with them.

There is a catch though. When the interview is posted online, it will require that you hand in 2 or 3  photos to be used.

Not use to being in the limelight? Too bad. Get use to it.

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