I'm One Month & One Day Old Today!

Happy One Month One Day Birthday to Me.

One month and one day ago today (September 21, 2009) I got the domain name whatsupandroid.com. I’m celebrating my One Month and One Day Birthday today because I didn’t want to take away Android’s One Year Birthday of being Open Sourced yesterday. Yes indeed, Android comes before, even me. That’s how much I love Android.

I didn’t plan on being the Android PR Gal. It just happened. It was a calling and I answered it.

I guess it really started when I heard Ronan “zero” Schwarz’s presentation on Android Development at the AUGE meeting on Saturday Sept. 19.  It was a really good presentation and the best thing about it was, I actually understood it. It was later that evening when I googled “Android” and started reading up on it. The following Monday (September 21) I started playing around with shapes in Fireworks. Green Shapes. Then it suddenly dawned on me … I was destined to be the Android PR Gal.

And VOILA! Here I am.

The Android PR Gal

I’m here to help promote the Android Movement, worldwide. I want to be the bridge for #androiddevs to getting into other language markets. Let me do the PR for your apps, and any events or android related things. I am not a coder but I am tech savvy, tech friendly and a social media enthusiast. Here are just some ways you can use me:

1. Promote your apps on whatsupandroid.com

2. Promote your apps, projects, events and anything on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc ..

3. Write articles about your projects, apps, events.

4. Test your apps, prototypes and write reviews and recommendations.

5. Proof read your documents, slides, web content and marketing material for the English language community.

6. Helping you to get documentation translated into various languages. (I do not do this personally, but I have resources)

7. Live Blogging, twittering and taking photos and videos at your events.

8. Wear your Custom Made Android Clothing to help promote the Android Movement, your product, company, event etc…

(girls love clothes!)

9. Presentation coaching if you have to present in English. (I can also present for you. I have a captivating presentation style)

10. I can help you with anything as long as it doesn’t involve illegal or demoralizing acts. (Just had to put that in)

11. Also, I don’t just promote for Android. That is just one of my many hats. I can also help promote any service or product. Here’s a little bit more about me.

You can also view the SERVICES page at the top menu.

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