I Can Be Your Hero (htc)

I can be your hero …

It’s obvious where the inspiration came from for this cartoon –¬† htc’s Hero (Europe, Worldwide). Ah, I know some of you were thinking of Enrique Iglesias’ Hero and you’re only partially right. Personally, I was disappointed when Enrique removed his mole. For some reason, that mole added to his appeal, hence the mole reference in the cartoon.

I’ve been seeing an avalanche of tweets and links to posts on htc’s Hero on my android stream on twitter. Then just yesterday, a good friend of mine, Marc Andr√© Ueberall, CEO of Big Black Block tweeted to me that he just got an htc Hero. That just made my day.

It made my day because Marc, being a game developer, now has in his possession, an android phone. I don’t normally jump the gun but, did you catch the key words? “game developer” and “android”. Enough said.

Of course I’ll do my part in making sure that Marc adds to his roadmap – “game development on the android platform” and I’ll also make sure to pay close attention to his tweets and facebook status updates just in case he veers off from his roadmap.

Gee, the Android buzz has not let up. In fact, it’s getting more buzz-ier? I’m wondering if htc’s Hero will hold up to the onslaught of new Android phones that are slated to be coming out by the end of the year and in 2010. Only time will tell, as in all things tech.

If you have an android phone is it a Hero? If you don’t have an android phone are you thinking of getting one within the year or after your current phone contract ends? If so, which one? Will it be the Hero? I sure would like to know.

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