iDon't Believe It

Verizon just upped the anty by creating an intro commercial for their up and coming Android Phone(s). A daring and witty play on Apple’s use of “i”. The ad depicts statements, starting with “iDon’t …” for all the things that an iPhone does not do, but an Android phone does.

I love the simplicity of the message and I love the brazen marketing strategy that aims at adding more *spice* to the hype that has been gaining momentum in the past two weeks surrounding Android.

I am sure this won’t be the first nor the last of marketing tactics targeted at outlining the differences between the iPhone OS and Android’s OS. Of course, the ads could go the opposite way too, depicting all that the iPhone is (design, UI, appstore savvy etc .. ) and what the Android platform still needs improvement with.

However, opportunity for improvement is going to be the new background song, as the Android Platform and the Android Movement continues to march along to the beat of their own drums.

Note: I am aware that this blog post is an “after the fact” post. I had a good excuse. I was in airport limbo. :-)

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