Dear PepsiAMP, Could We Get This for Android?

Apparently Pepsi launched an iPhone app called “Before You Score”, that has gotten some panties in an uproar! Lol.

I first read about it on Twitter from @cheeky_geeky‘s tweet to @Mashable:

@mashable I’d like to see one of your journalists interview women who think the Pepsi app is amusing and harmless – for a balanced view.

Naturally, I replied back with an enthusiastic “ME!”

Of course I understand the raucus, rucus … whatever. Been there done that. But from a marketing, tech point of view I think the app is brilliant. I love the name “Before You Score”. I’d love to peek at the code just to see the algorithms.

I’m curious to get my hands on an iPhone to check out the app myself. I want to see what category of GIRL I would most likely fit into.

I’d be scared to find out that I don’t fit into any category. EEK!
I’d be extremely offended if Pepsi did not offer this app for android.

To me, that would be a serious Pepsi #fail. Just saying.

I’d be curious to see which of my female friends are offended by the PepsiAMP app. And what do the guys think?

Here’s a video that showcases the app:

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