A Chance to Win a FREE Ticket to DroidCon 2009

DroidCon 2009 Raffle Ticket

My connections at DroidCon 2009 just informed me of their special raffle. You can now get the chance to win one (out of two) FREE tickets into the First Android Conference Event in Germany, that will take place in Berlin on Nov. 4. 2009.

Two tickets will be given away to the two lucky Android Aficionado’s. Normal ticket price is 99 euro.

In order to get the chance to win, you would need to log onto either of the links below, register on the Android Hilfe site and post why you think you should win one (out of two) free tickets to DroidCon 2009.

Deadline for posting your awesome and compelling reason is October 18, 2009.

Details in German.
Details in English.

If you are a visitor to the Android Hilfe site and are not able to read or understand German, just translate the site to English, using Google Translate.

All you need to do is to copy and paste the original url address into the translation box and set the “German” to “English” pull down menu.

You can then post your amazing reason why you should win. But remember, you have to register on the site first.

If you intend to come with a partner (business or other) and you happen to win, the price of your partner’s ticket would be only 45 euro! w00t!

Good Luck and I hope to see you there.

If you have any questions just feel free to email me at prgal@whatsupandroid.com or send an email to the DroidCon Team.

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