Dell's First Mobile Phone Baby, Mini 3i

I woke up this morning feeling rather bleh. A part from the large Spanish mosquito that kept buzzing in my ear all night (made me wish he’d just bite me and move on with his mosquito life so I could get some sleep), I had dreams of android phones and little green android people coming to take me away to the CTIA 2010 Event.

When I finally logged on to my twitter accounts (I have two, @digitallfemme and @whatsupandroid), I looked at the android stream and found that the new buzz for the day was pics of Dell’s first mobile (ahem ahem, android) phone, Mini 3i.

I just made a blog post on Samsung’s “Moment”, hosted by Sprint, (in the wee hours of the morning, just before I was serenaded by that noisy Spanish Mosquito) saying how disappointed I was on the *fashion conscious planning* made by Samsung’s design team. Please don’t think I’m all into fashion and girly stuff like that. Yes and no. You can ask my previous bf just how I spent my hard earned nursing dollars.

Did I spend it on clothes? Ummm, okay, yes. But that was only in Marshall’s and only if it was under $12 U.S. most of my stuff range from $5 – $20 U.S.

Most of my money was spent on Tech Gadgets, hence my alter-ego name, digitalfemme. And yes, yes, I know, looks aren’t everything but … hmmmm … with tech gadgets? ya think?

I don’t have to tout the beauty of the android platform. That in itself is beauty that’s skin deep, or in this case, casing deep. But if the android movement aims to take the world by storm (they’re humble geek folk that only want to develop the next best app), then someone should take charge of the design team and design a phone that will speak to the “image loving” masses. You know who you are.

Sure, the techies, the ones that can appreciate the android OS may not care so much about what a phone looks like, but even geeks are stepping up their images, just a tad (by the way, I help with that but profiling android developers on the site). I’m telling you, if someone designs an android phone whose looks are dressed to kill, the masses won’t be able to resist fondling and owning such a hot and sexy item.

So come on “design team of an android phone” who ever you are, get with the program and I guarantee, you’ll see more android phones in the hands of “image conscious” folk, whether they admit it or not. And let’s be honest about it, if you believe something that looks good will take your image value, up a notch then money is not an option (usually) i.e. botox, apple, Porsche, Hummer (ew, but hey), Gucci, Manolo Blahnik’s, hair extensions, hair (for those less endowed), breast implants, acrylic nails, zip codes, need I say more?

I don’t mean to sound materialistic or superficial (I’m not), but hey, it’s a strategy that has worked time and time again. I mean, hello??? Look at what the design team(s) at Apple have done for their brand.

Anyway, below is a pic of what Dell’s Mini 3i looks like. I grabbed the photo from the site, but when you click on the photo it will take you to engadget mobile’s post.

If you would like a full list of android phone that are out and those that are rumored then visit the site. They have an awesome set up.

Dell Mini 3i

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