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Samsung’s fourth android phone was unveiled at the opening day of CTIA Fall 2009 (yet, another one of my dream conferences I need to attend before I poof away). Sprint will play foster parent to Samsung’s “Moment” (this is Sprint’s second android phone, the first being the Sprint Hero). The design is nothing too captivating but at least it has a slide qwerty for those that still need to make their thumbs feel useful.

I was a bit disappointed on the look of the phone. We all know that android is just one damn, hot and sexy platform so can someone please explain to me why no one has yet come up with an equally hot and sexy housing? Ugh.

The two android phones that *fashionably speaking*, I wouldn’t mind taking out of my fake Prada bag is Motorola’s Droid and HTC’s Hero. I said “I wouldn’t mind”, I’m still hopeful that something hot and sexy will come out of the android market. Hmmm, maybe Verizon will be the knight in shining housing, or Dell????

So much news has surfaced, just this week alone, on android related news that it’s gotten me feeling edgy. Verizon and Google are hooking up and Dell announces that their first mobile baby will be android. w00t!

But seriously, worlds are colliding in very strange ways. I just hope that these “hookups” prove to be the w00t they first appear to be.

Anyway, here’s a vid on Samsung’s “Moment” soon to be out (Nov. 1, 2009). You can pre-register for the phone. I won’t. I’m in Europe.

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