Beach Blogging in Benidorm.

Sun, surf, beach, free wifi access … w00t.

What’s up, android?!

I’ll tell you what’s up. I’m in Benidorm Spain and will be playing, resting and working for the next two weeks here. Just after the unofficial launch of this site, which was on the 24th of September, I flew to Spain the very next day. I’ve been here for a week and just got FREE anytime-I-want wifi access at the place I am staying – hence the one week “no blog posts” mystery.

I want to make sure I put up regular content on this site but I just don’t want to put up content for quantity’s sake. I also want quality.

So … because I’ve been offline for a week and am just now getting over my internet withdrawals I ask that you all please bear with me.

I’ve been busy reading up on the latest Android news that’s been buzzing on the internet. I want to also give my two cents worth but I’ll need a day at least, to get my thoughts together and write things that are meaningful .. or funny.

I decided today to create a blog category which will host daily updates of what your Fave Android PR Gal is up to. Nothing too exciting really, but hey, at least it’ll give this platform a more personal feel and that way you get to know me better – the person behind the “What’s up, Android?” site.

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