Norbert R. Möhring (Mr. September 2009)

I met Norbert Möhring at the AUGE (Active User Group Europe) meeting last Saturday in Frankfurt. I had invited him via twitter to attend the AUGE meeting because a good friend of mine, Ronan “zero” Schwarz, was going to do a presentation on Android Development.

I was so glad that Norbert attended. It gave me a good chance to get to know him better, to find out what he did for a living and that he indeed is also a passionate android developer.

I immediately saw the opportunity to profile him on what’s up, android. I sent him a few questions last night and right away he replied with these answers:

1. What are the top three (3) things you love about android and why?
1) it’s open source
2) it’s a java framework and I can develop my apps just like I want (and install them without using any market)
3) a lot of free apps available already, if i miss anything, I can download it directly from the market

2. What are some of the challenges android faces in becoming THE platform choice?
– business applications that get connected with your business infrastructure (like windows mobile does with outlook i.g.)

3. Do you think android will over take the iPhone? Is that even a reasonable question to ask?
– no, I think they can exist beside each other. If android gets to business applications, it’s more a threat to windows mobile I think.

4. Are you an android developer?
– I defenetly am

5. Got any cool apps you want to share with the world?
– Metricdroid: own app useful if you’re traveling to the US
– K9 better e-mail client
– barcode scanner
– TrafficDroid
– Sticky Note – post it on your home screen
– Finger Ball – adicting game

6. What do you see android becoming, 2 years down the road? 5 years down the road?
2 years: android preinstalled on around 50 mobile phones and several netbooks. android going for business apps
5 years: worlddomination


Norbert runs his own company, SANID, with his partner Marc Schroetel . Norbert is also one of the founders and organizers of GTUGFRA (Google Technology User Group Frankfurt). He runs GTUGFRA with Darren Cooper of dmr solutions gmbh.

You can follow Norbert on Twitter or email him at for more information about SANID or just to connect.

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